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Monday, 19 March 2012

I've had my birthday on 10th of March. Yeah... Dogs have birthdays too. I'm one year old now and I stopped being a sweet puppy... Now I'm adult dog and I'm proud of it. 

Ok, ok... I have pups look, sometimes...

by the way, birthdays are associated with presents... so I got chocolates and...
and a puppy!!!
Yeah, a real puppy which is a girl.
It doesn't really matter, boy or girl. I love other dogs and every  creature with four legs, and I always felt alone, so my mommy and daddy decided to give me a company. It was best surprise I ever got.

Her name is Lea, and she is my little sweetheart.

*****Chocolates on pictures were purchased in pet shop, it's safe for dogs.

Friday, 2 March 2012

I was alone in the room. I was a little bored (you know what means for dogs to be bored, right? )  My mom left some candy on the table. I'm not greedy... but I like sometimes something special to eat... honestly. 
So I just wanted to try... the smell was too nice and it happened. I ate it!!!


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